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It is part of our routine clinical examination to look at your animal’s dental health. We do this because periodontal disease is one of the most prevalent health issues seen in our pets today. Most of pets (Dogs and cats) today have dental disease. Dental disease not only impacts your pet’s mouth but it also impacts the overall wellbeing of your animal. When an animal has bad dental disease not only does it cause bad breath, red and or bleeding gums, difficulty eating due to pain and discomfort, loss of teeth and bone, it can also cause bacterial infections to enter the bloodstream. The bacterial infection can spread throughout the body resulting in permanent damage to the heart, kidneys and liver.

The progression of dental disease can be prevented or slowed down with early intervention of dental foods and treats, regular home cleaning and in some cases a general anesthetic to scale and polish the teeth.

At Bruceville pet hospital, we provide the most advanced pet dental care services in Elk Grove.

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DateJanuary 9, 2014